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Signing Day Open Thread

It's National Letter of Intent Day, which means a break from the horrors of basketball season and a chance to look ahead to next year's football team. While nothing is said and done until Mike Riley's fax machine starts humming, we have our ideas on whose signatures they will be.

The people's choice for the most popular potential recruit seems to be Jacquizz Rodgers, brother of James Rodgers, out of Lamaar Consolidated High School in Texas. Jacquizz helped his team to the State Championship his senior year with ridiculous statistics like 2,903 yards and 37 touchdowns. We're talkin' one season here. You want his career stats? 8,246 yards and a state-record 136 touchdowns He even has his own website, How cool is that? If Jacquizz/'Quizz/'the Wizz/whatever you prefer is anything like his brother, (Jacquizz is faster? What?) Beaver Nation is in for a treat.

Left: Jacquizz last year. Right: Jacquizz four years from now.

Jacquizz isn't the only big name the Beavers hope to snatch today. Simi Kuli is a five star defenseive lineman out of El Camino Junior College. He's 6-4. 270, and runs a 4.7 40 according to

Other names include QB Ryan Katz from Santa Monica, Safety Kameron Krebs from Hawaii, and WR/DB Kevan Walker from Arcadia, CA.

Now, the thing about Walker is that he's the son son of UCLA defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker. He's choosing Oregon State over UCLA. Don't really know what kind of player Kevan is, but the fact that he chose Oregon State over the school his dad coaches at speaks volumes about Riley and his staff. Maybe he doesn't like adidas, and is headed for Corvallis because of the orange swooshes. Who knows.

My schedule doesn't allow for me to write about each signature that buzzes through Oregon State's Fax machine, but some of you may. If something comes up throughout the day you need to share, that's what the comment thread is for.

When a complete list is published, we'll be able to analyze to our heart's consent. For now, the best thing we can do is hope for a good outcome.

And please, can we sign a punter?