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Recap: Oregon 79, Oregon State 63

When it comes down to it, Oregon was just the better team on Saturday night.

Turnovers and simple mistakes aside, the Beavers played pretty well. Honestly, I thought they played good enough to win, but the Ducks were just better. That's all there was to it.

The Beavers shot the ball well (44.4%), rebounded decently, and played good defense. The Beavers even blocked more shots (6) than the Ducks (5). Take a look at the game flow to see just how close the game was:

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So, is this team pulling together? Or was it just a fluke? Does Mouton have these guys headed in the right direction? Or did Jay John have the Beavers in the same position?

Calvin Haynes and Calvin Hampton lead the Beavers with 17 and 10 points respectively. Omari Johnson hit three three-point field goals to finish with nine points.

Marcel Jones, who played 19 minutes off the bench, finished with 6 points.

To see how close this game really was, lets take a look at the play-by-play for the last nine minutes. After Oregon State had spent the first ten minutes of the second half answering Oregon's runs, the Ducks hit a few threes, and the game started to get out of hand. Here's what happened between two timeouts that Oregon State took at the 8:57 mark and the 5:02 mark:

And here's what happpened between the 5:02 mark and the final buzzer:

So, the story of the game? Oregon hit some shots when it counted, and Oregon State couldn't answer. Oregon State had eight points in the last ten minutes compared to the Ducks' twenty-two.

Your thoughts?