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DeMarini Invitational Recap

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In case you missed the three games Oregon State played in the DeMarini Invitational in Tempe, here's a recap:

Game 1 vs. No. 3 Vanderbilt Highly ranked Vanderbilt started the game with three runs in the first two innings, and didn't look back from there. Oregon State's bats were asleep for most of the game, as the Beavers only had five hits total, three of them coming in the one-run sixth inning. Mike Stutes started on the mound, and went 4 innings, giving up four runs. Final Score: Vanderbilt 8, Oregon State 1. BTD's Full Game Story

Game 2 vs. Miami (Ohio) The Beavers bounced back from their season opening loss to score eight runs on fourteen hits against the Miami RedHawks. Oregon State second baseman Jason Ogata went 4-for-5 in the game, and scored twice. The trio of Jorge Reyes, Mark Grbavac, and Blake Ketizman handled the game on the mound. Reyes went six innings, giving up only two runs on five hits. Final Score: Oregon State 8, Miami 3. BTD's Full Game Story

Game 3 vs. No. 9 Arizona State In the final game of the tournament, host Arizona State, ranked 9th in the nation, took it to the Beavers offensively. Freshman Greg Peavey, in his first start, only recorded on out as the Sun Devils put up seven runs in the first inning. Errors troubled the Beavers the whole game, who were one of the nation's best defensive teams at the end of the season last year. Six different Oregon State pitchers threw in the game. Final Score: Arizona State 11, Oregon State 0. BTD's Full Game Story

Here's a look at the combined hitting stats for the weekend:

Again, the Beavers return home to Oregon for the first game of the Pape Grand Slam at PGE Park on Friday. The first pitch is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.