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Who's Hot, Who's Not: LA Schools (Round 2)

It was another two loss weekend for the Beavers, who still haven't won since before Christmas. There are three teams left on the the schedule (Oregon, Arizona, Arizona State), and the Beavers will play at least on game at the Pac-10 tournament. The good news is, if the Beavers sweep the tournament, they're headed to the Big Dance. Unlikely, yes, but still possible.

Here's a look at the shooting percentages for Oregon State's games against UCLA and USC. Note that Marcel Jones and Sean Carter sat out Thursday's game against the Bruins:

The leading shooter percentage wise took only three shots (Ricky Claitt), so we'll look past him. Schaftenaar comes in second witha 5-for-9 week, which is decent, but he still didn't take as many shots as some other players. Calvin Haynes took the most shots, and lead the team in percentage at just under 50 percent.

Also notice that Lathen Wallace, who has been regarded one of Oregon State's best, if not the best, shooter. He went 1-13 over the course of the two games, and is under 10 percent.

You can interpret the rest of the chart for yourself.