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Pac-10: 14, Oregon State: 0 :: The Woes Continue

There was apparently no trash talking preceding Thursday's game with UCLA, but the Bruins pounded the Beavers to the tune of 84-49. The Beavers are now 0-14 in the conference, and on a 16 game losing streak. The road won't get any easier Saturday, when the Beavers head to the Galen Center to take on O.J. Mayo and the USC Trojans.

Marcel Jones and Sean Carter sat out against the Bruins as punishment for their trash talking incident with the Washington players last week. They are expected to return to Coach Mouton's lineup (that is, if he gets it to the table in time) for the USC game. However, it is uncertain if either one will receive considerable playing time, as neither one of them would currently make your XBox controller throb.

The departure of Jones and Carter meant that guys like Joey McConnell and Kyle Bjornstad got a chance to see the floor. Kyle only played one minute, but McConnell played 18 minutes, going 1-5 with two total points.

Josh Tarver led the "regulars" with 10 points. After that, Calvin Haynes had nine points and Omari Johnson had eight. Roeland Schaftenaar led the team with 5 rebounds on the night.

For UCLA, Kevin Love had 11 points and nine rebounds, but he wasn't the hottest Bruin on the court. Russell Westbrook went 5-8 from the field and 5-6 from the line for 17 points. Darren Collison had 14 on the night.

The Beavers never led, and the game was all Bruins. This look at the game flow tells the story:

Next up: Saturday vs. USC