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Aflava faces DUI/ Hit and Run Crime, Mouton considers punishment for the trash talkers

First, the news regarding the Basketball team....

According the what Oregonian beat man Paul Buker found out in a Pac-10 conference call, Coach Mouton is still deciding on a punishment for Marcel Jones and Sean Carter, the two guys involved in the Washington confrontation. Marcel, who allegedly left a nasty message on a Washington player's cell phone last Friday night, might be seeing some bench tonight against the #6 UCLA Bruins. However, that's nothing new for Marcel, who has been earning a spot on the bench for much of the season. Carter hasn't been seeing much time either, which means if Mouton reduces their minutes, we won' be seeing much of Jones or Carter tonight.

Coach Mouton has made it clear that he doesn't want any more of that behavior, although Omari Johnson told Buker that he's not planning on confiscating any cell phones on Oregon State's trip to LA this week.

In football news... Oregon State Safety Al Afalava was involved in a hit and run accident on February 9 that involved alcohol... making it a DUI. According to police, he missed a corner at 4:30 a.m., ran his car into a city bus shelter, and walked to his house afterward.

Even though he probably could have torn the bus shelter down if he was on foot and had some pads, DUI is no laughing matter. We hear that coach Riley is out of the country on vacation right now, but when he returns, we expect to hear what the punishment will be for Al. Maybe spring ball, maybe a few games. We don't know. At least the entire University isn't trying to cover the story up, like our counterparts in Eugene.