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Open Thread: Oregon State at UCLA

The Beavers are in LA tonight for a series with the Bruins and Trojans. Tonight's game is delayed on TV. It's on the radio (KPAM in the Portland area) for those who are interested in listening. I'll update the score below in five minute intervals below for those who are unable to listen. FYI, Marcel Jones and Sean Carter will be sitting the game out due to the altercations involving last Saturday's game with Washington.

15:00, First Half: UCLA 14, Oregon State 9

10:00, First Half: UCLA 24, Oregon State 9

5:00, First Half: UCLA 32, Oregon State 21

Halftime: UCLA 49, Oregon State 27

15:00, Second Half: UCLA 63, Oregon State 33

10:00, Second Half: UCLA 67, Oregon State 37

5:00, Second Half: UCLA 76, Oregon State 42

Final: UCLA 84, Oregon State 49