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Who's Hot, Who's Not: Washington Schools (Round 2)

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It was another dismal week for Oregon State basketball, both in terms of losses and poor shooting. There were some bright spots, however, like Lathen Wallace, that are worth taking a look at:

After a strong performance against the LA schools three weeks ago and then a slump last week, Lathen Wallace returns to the top of the shooting chart again. He led the Beavers in shooting percentage when the Beavs played UCLA and USC in late January. It's good to see the former Jefferson High School star fight for his minutes and find a chance to score, especially because of Oregon State' shooting woes this season.

Ricky Claitt comes in second on the chart at just over 42%. He only took seven shots in the two games.

Behind Claitt are Calvin Hampton and Marcel Jones, two guys who have had their respective troubles shooing the ball this season. Marcel has been off and on all year and even though 33% isn't a great percentage from a player we hoped would lead the team, we'll take it at this point.

No matter how you stack it, Oregon State is just a poor shooing team. The Beavers got outscored last week 167-116, a stat nobody is proud of.

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