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Despite Effort, Beavers are swept off the Bay

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It's been a long, long season for the Oregon State Men's Basketball team. In fact, it's been 53 days since the Beavers won a game. 53 days!

The Beavers were swept for the fifth time of the season last week. It was the second time the Beavers lost to both of the Bay Area schools this season. Well, if you don't win a single conference game, I guess that means you get swept by everybody.

Even though losses are accumulating by the week, the Beavers aren't giving up yet. And their opponents are not treating them lightly. Said Stanford guard Lawrence Hill: " "They're way better than anyone wants to give them credit for. They knocked us on our heels. Their record doesn't show how capable they are."

On Thursday, the Beavers battled Cal until there were about five minutes left in the game. With 7:20 left in the game, Seth Tarver hit a two point jumper to put the Beavers up by two. After that, a free throw by Harper Kamp and a three by Jarome Randall put the Beavers in a two point hole, 68-66. Ryan Anderson hit a bucket for Cal to tie the game up, but then Calvin Hampton sunk two free throws for the Beavs to put OSU up by two with 4:56 left. From there, Cal went on a 7-0 run and the game was as good as over. Oregon State scored eight points in the last minute, but Cal scored five, and it was good enough for them to secure the win.

In that game, Omari Johnson led the Beavers with 16 points. The previously struggling Marcel Jones finished with 15. Lathen Wallace had 10, and everyone else finished in single digits. Omari also led the team in rebounding with six.

On Saturday against Stanford, Oregon State actually held a 17-11 lead with about 8 minutes remaining in the first half. Marcel Jones had eight of the 17 points, and the Beavers were building a lead against the #9 team in the nation. Just like what happened late in the Cal game, Stanford went on a run to take the game right out of the Beavers hands. Stanford made eight free throws in a stretch of a minute and a half to regain the lead at 24-22, and kept building until they lead 35-22 at the half. Oregon State didnt' score a field goal for the last six and a half minutes of the first half.

From there, the Cardinal maintained at least an eight point cushion to beat the Beavers by a score of 71-56.

Marcel Jones led the effort with 13 points off the bench. Calvin Haynes had 12 and Seth Tarver had 11, but after that, nobody scored more than five points. Omari Johnson was the top rebounder with only four. Thanks to an effort by the Lopez brothers, Lawrence Hill, and Taj Finger, Stanford outrebounded the Beavers 39-17. There's the stat of the game, right there. Stanford more than doubled the Beavers on the boards.

The Beavers shot 39.65% on the trip, and are still the worst shooting team in the conference. In fact, they're they rank 335th in shooting percentage in the nation.

Up next for the Beavers is Washington State and Washington. Washington State will be at Gill on Thursday, coming off a loss to UCLA and a win over USC. Washington, perhaps the most beatable team left on Oregon State's schedule comes to Gill on Saturday. They just pulled off a upset of Kevin Love and the UCLA Bruins, so an upset of any kind looks less realistic for Kevin Mouton and the Beavers.

It's all about resiliency, Beavs. Let's make something happen.



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