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Hurry!... Sign up for BtD's Bowl Pick 'Em Pool

Picture_16_medium Funk held on to edge off DiegoBeaver and the rest of us in the BtD regular season Pic 'Em Poll. Now, it's time to put our decision making skills to the test again in the first ever Building the Dam Bowl Pick 'Em Poll

We'll be using the same website-- Fun Office Pools-- to conduct this pool as we did our regular season poll. To sign up, follow this link. If you don't already have an account over there you'll need to make one, but it should be pretty self explanatory. 

Remember, the first bowl games are Saturday. Hurry over to the pool website and make your picks-- you don't have much time!

Happy picking, and good luck. There's a good possibility that the winner will receive a prize, but that's yet to be ironed out.

And if you missed it the first three times, here's the link to sign up, again.