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UPDATE via Buker, BFT: Francis leaves team, Quizz says there is a break-- 65% chance he'll play

UPDATE, 7:27 PM: Just listened to today's podcast of the Bald Faced Truth, and Quizz plainly said that there was a break in his shoulder. This explains a lot of why Riley was so doubtful. He says there's a 65% chance he'll play. 

Regular post from 3:23 PM: Three minus two is one, and it looks like only one of Oregon State's three primary running backs could dress down for the Sun Bowl December 31 in El Paso, Texas.

According to the Oregonian's Paul Buker, Mike Riley said this morning that Jeremy Francis has left the team to tend to his ailing mother. Francis has played in eight games this season, and has 20 rushes for 91 yards. While he hasn't been on the field in key moments this year (most of his carries came in blowouts against Hawaii and WSU), he provides depth, especially with Jacquizz potentially out of the lineup. 

The blow of losing a third string running back is now huge, because Riley still doesn't think Quizz will play in the Sun Bowl.

"I have some real doubts about playing him,'' was the quote from Mike Riley that Buker used.

In what was expected to be a battle between LeSean McCoy and Quizz now looks like a battle between McCoy and Ryan McCants, who didn't look overly impressive in the Civil War.

Also, it's now very possible that the Sun Bowl will not feature either of the Rodgers brothers. James underwent collarbone surgery in the days following the Civil War. The Sun Bowl will be played in the same state that James and Jacquizz grew up in, and although it's ten hours by car from Richmond to El Paso, it's a drive that many Lamar Consolidated fans likely would have made. 

Again, check out Buker's blog for the latest.

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