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Giving UO Props

Read up Duck fans. Enjoy this. This is the only time I am ever going to give Oregon credit on this blog.

Everyone wants to give credit to Johnson and Blount. But let's face it, Air Bud could have run through those holes that the OLine was creating.

It hasn't been stated enough, and I think it needs to be stated once and for all: Jeremiah Masoli won that game for Oregon. He played absolutely outstanding. There were many times where Oregon was in a 3rd and 8+. He was confident, calm, and zinged the ball around. He was Oregon's biggest threat all game. Watching him on Saturday reminded me of watching a certain quarterback who used to play for Oregon when they almost went to the Nat'l Championship. It wasn't his running that was the biggest threat-- he handed it off to the RB almost every time it seemed-- it was his poise in the pocket. 1st and 25 from the Oregon 5 comes to mind. Now, I think it's a little premature for some Duck fans to be thinking Nat'l Championship (I have seen some posts over on AtQ) in the next couple of years; but the offense looks solid next year with Masoli. How the defense fares is another question. But there is no doubt in my mind that UO is going to be a scary team. If they can somehow pull out the miracle and win their bowl game against what is surely to be a good Big XII team, I think Oregon starts the year in the top 15. While I think 15-20 is more deserved, that offense is scary.

That is all. Copy and paste it if you must, Duck fans. You won't see me doing this again.