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Favorite Beaver

I started thinking recently about how much some of our current players have taken on the role of "fan favorite" and I was thinking about who was my favorite Beaver. Lyle Moeavo has the personality that you would want your child to have: he is humble, charismatic, always smiling, and a natural born leader. Quizz has his own qualities. Poised, intelligent (football wise), makes good decisions off the field (as does Lyle) and has a sense of cockiness to go with the confidence. Sammie is everybody's All American human being. The kid is brilliant on and off the field, and does everything for the team. Not to mention guys like Slade Norris, James Rodgers, etc. Players who work hard for everything they lack in perhaps size. I don't think there has ever been another team (at least not OSU) where all the stars are role models. On the Fiesta Bowl team, the stars we had were definitely very cocky (although we all loved the swagger) and lacked that sort of "boy-next-door" quality. So I ask you, Beaver Nation, who is your favorite Beaver from this year's team?