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Civil War Thoughts

What can you say? That was a tough loss. A horrible loss. I couldn't believe it as I was watching it. We came out flat, and could never recover, plain and simple. Give Oregon credit, they did exactly what they needed to do. We gave up too many big plays. How many times did we have them on 3rd and long, only to give up a play of 50+ yards? The one that sits in my mind was 3rd and 9 from Oregon's 15, a pass down the sideline that Hughes could have (read: should have) intercepted, only for a great catch and scamper for a touchdown. I don't know what happened to our defense last night, but it hurt watching them. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go down. This wasn't how Sammie, Levitre, Speer, Norris, Butler, Afalava, Hughes, and Lewis were supposed to end their careers, losing by 27 at home to the Ducks. I feel bad for all the seniors.

For the record, I don't/didn't care about the Rose Bowl. Was it awesome being a part of that? Absolutely. But if, before the year, you told me we would finish 8-4 and 2nd in the Pac10, I would have said "that's a solid finish. Not great, but definitely not bad" But if you told me it included a 27 point home loss in the Civil War, I probably would have just sat this year out. And you know what, I don't think we're over rated. We just had an awful game. AWFUL game. Offensively, we played alright. 450 yards and 38 points. If you would have told me that's how it was going to be at the start of the game, I would have been really pleased. But then I would have said "you're an idiot" if you told me that we would give up 700 yards and 65 points.

All that being said, I don't want to hear any excuses from Beaver fans. Sure, Quizz could have made a difference in ball control. Sure, the refs blew a couple calls. But while the score was close for a while (back and forth) and we were never technically "out" of the game, did it ever really feel like we were in it? I never thought so. Everytime we scored, Blount and Johnson would go off and take all the wind out of our sails. And Duck fans, I hope a 27 point win at Reser can do all the talking for you. I hope that your class shines through what could be the worst home loss for the Oregon State program B.R. (Before Riley).

We still have a lot to play for. We still have a Sun Bowl against what could be a very qualified opponent. 9 wins isn't out of the reach. But man, does this one hurt. As always Go Beavs!