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Let's Get it Started

Getting ready to head down I-5 to the Blazer game.... hopefully I get to the Rose Garden before the game ends...

It's Civil War Eve. It's been a fun week, with both sides have slung their fair share of mud. Now, all that's left is the game.

Win or lose, it's been a great season: a great ride. A Civil War win and a trip to LA would make it even sweeter, but I think we've all had a great time already. 

Everyone has done their preparation, the team is probably just now finishing up their walkthrough, and all that's left to do is eat, sleep, wake up, and play football.

That's all that's important in life, right?

We can all agree that this game is going to be a true test for both teams. It's no easy win for either team. We control our bowl destiny, they are looking to spoil our dreams. Don't be scared, Beaver Nation. If you lay your head on your pillow and you're scared, you're looking at this game in the entirely wrong light. 

Yes, it looks like we'll be without Quizz. But don't let the loss of one guy get you down-- Mike Riley has stressed all year that this is a team, not a few individuals. We have guys who will pick up where Quizz left off. 

Be anxious, be excited, be confident.

Go early... wear orange... be loud and proud... Bring the Noise, Beaver Nation!

Let's Get it Started!

Lets Get It Started - The Black Eyed Peas