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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope everyone is having a good one. While we are on the verge of a football game of epic proportions-- think, 300 meets Braveheart-- it's sometimes good to sit back and put things in perspective. There has been a lot of trash talking back and forth this week (some good, some, well, not so good) and I feel that this could be a day where we all just take a breather, spend time with family, friends, whoever, and just let things be, until tomorrow. The reason I'm writing this, is because I had a bad dream last night. One of those dreams that you don't realize is a dream until you wake up with a cold sweat, tears in your eyes, look around and realize it's 3:00 in the morning. It was a dream that a family member died.

Now, you may wonder why this is important on BtD, so here goes: we need to remember that whatever happens on Saturday, win or lose, it really is JUST a game. I know that it won't feel like that on Saturday-- if we win, I will be in the best mood EVER. If we lose, I will fall into a deep depression. But at some point, I feel that we as fans get caught up in everything that is sport and lose sight on what is important. So today, on a very important holiday, be thankful for your family and friends. Be thankful that we live in the greatest country in the world. Be thankful that we live in a place that allows us the very freedom to say whatever we want, live where we want, and do what we want to do. Be thankful that we as Oregonians live in, in my humble opinion, the greatest state in the country. I have traveled across the world, and Oregon is the most beautiful place in the world. Be thankful that on Saturday, a team that you love is going to be taking on a team that you hate with so much on the line, and the weather forecast couldn't be better: 50 degrees and sunny! And lastly, be thankful that you aren't a Husky fan :-D.

So finally, and this is specific to Oregon State fans, that whatever happens on Saturday we need to show our support until the final whistle. These guys have worked their asses off and have given us one hell of a ride this year. Win or lose, we need to be loud, be energetic, and be proud to call ourselves Beaver fans. Take care everyone. See you all tomorrow!