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BtD Collaborative Power Poll, Week 13

It's time for Week 13 of the BtD Power Poll:

Not many changes, except for the fact that Washington State is now the unanimous #9 team in the poll. Washington, on the other hand, falls to the cellar. 

Team Points
1 USC 77.5 (4.5)
2 Oregon State 74.5 (2.5)
3 Cal 61
4 Oregon 56
5 Arizona 51
6 Stanford 38
7 Arizona State 33
8 UCLA 25
9 Washington State 16
10 Washington 8

This week's games: Oregon vs. Oregon State, UCLA vs. ASU, Notre Dame vs. USC, WSU vs. Hawaii. 

Voters: The comment thread is all yours to post your ballots if you wish, defend your selections, and debrief the final publication. Non-voters: Complain/agree at your own risk.