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Recruiting Update

Big win for the Beavers last week. Didn't pick up much in terms of commitments, but people have to have some sort of eye on the Beavs at this point. A win against UO would go a long, long way for some national recognition, which as we all know, never hurts in the recruiting game. As always, you can head over to Beaver Blitz for the absolute latest on the recruiting front. Here's a quick update.

This just in today, though, we have another brother connection that may land us a solid recruit..

  • So that JUCO defensive back that was waiting for an offer? Well, he received it, and he committed. Conroy Black, 6'1", 180, is headed to Corvallis next year. He helps fill some desperate holes in our secondary. I haven't seen any film on him, but he brings experience to the table.  Conroy looks a lot like Keenan Lewis in pads.  He is BLAAA-A-AZING fast and ran a 10.47 100m this spring at the California JC state meet--that time would make him the 2nd fastest Beaver after James Rodgers, but just as fast as Keynan Parker!
  • Grant Enger, OL, 6'6", 250, Seattle, WA. Plucked this guy right out UW's backyard, the rangy and highly regarded OLineman committed to Oregon State a couple weeks ago and will most likely line up at tackle for OSU. Had interest from both Washington schools as well Cal, Oregon, and ASU.  Grant definitely looks like he'll be able to put on quite a bit more size on his frame and possibly block out the Sun one day. 
  • Some news on the Alaskan mystery (which CV3000 updated a couple weeks ago, thanks!). Josh Kaiwi, DE, 6'2, 250, 4.6 40. The kid is a beast. An absolute manchild. He's already bigger than our current starters, Norris and Butler, but he's still athletic enough to play both ways and start at running back for his high school team! We were the first program to get in with him because he came to the OSU camp in the summer, and thank God that we  were able to keep him away from those recruiting combine camps and were able to get his verbal.
  • So finally, take a guess at to which current Oregon State player has a brother that is serious about coming to Corvallis. I'll give you a hint: he's from Hawai'i and he's one of the hardest hitters OSU has ever had. You should all know by now. Al Afalava's little brother, Justin, is a 6'1, 220 lb, Middle Linebacker and is already pretty sold on Corvallis. He hasn't verbaled yet, but has made a few hints toward that coming soon. I really don't see him in any other color than Orange and Black, especially with their close cousin being the setter on the OSU volleyball team.

So, big game this weekend as always, not sure if any recruits will be there, but most certainly there will be people watching. Another good showing from our fans and team could continue this streak. We are currently at 18 verbals, with Justin Afalava almost a sure-fire commit. Still no word on Simi Kuli or Justin Thompson, so any information on those two would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and one other thing guys, just remember that even though there might not be recruits for this year or next year at the game, there may be some young studs at the game with their fathers, and who knows if 5-6 years down the line they are going to be the next big thing in football, so continue to root hard for this team no matter what happens. It will go a long way towards the future of the program. And as always GO BEAVS, BEAT OREGON!