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It's Duck Week

Hey guys, so big game coming up. I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm going to be doing a write up about what the Civil War means for both sets of fans later this week (probably Wed or Thurs). The game is close to our hearts for very similar, but also some very different reasons, and I want to write a story about it for BtD. Anyways, what I ask from us Beaver fans is leave your responses in the comments section: What does the CW mean to you? Leave stories about past games (not recaps, but personal experiences involved with the games) past experiences (good and bad) and overall the feeling you get when the Monday of Civil War Week means to you.

I ask only a couple things (I have asked the same over at AtQ)

1. Be intelligent. We have all heard our fair share of "we f*** gay sheep" and we know how old it is, so on the flip side the meth jokes are getting old as well. However, hippy jokes are always welcome, well, cause hippies suck and UO sucks and when I was in school I learned that if A=B and B=C then A must equal C. :-)

2. Be honest. For example, I hate hearing about Oregon all year long and how they do this and all of that. So the Civil War is the one day that can shut up Oregon fans for an entire year (except we'll still be hearing about IF they had Dixon for rest of our lives...)

3. Have fun with it. The funnier the insult, the better. Anyone can curse your mother or swear he slept with your sister (even though we all know he didn't), so be clever and original.

Anyways, appreciate the time guys and I look forward to hearing your responses, and as always, GO BEAVS BEAT OREGON