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Postgame: Depth Chart State 19, Arizona 17

What a win by the Beavers. Great win for the program with adversity staring them in the face, and a berth to a BCS bowl on the line. Awesome to see many of our playmakers step up with Quizz and Lyle both on the sideline.

Just incredible.



I don't want to fully take credit for this one, but a) the second half open thread brought home a win again, and b) I changed my shirt when we started burning timeouts when UA was driving with two minutes and change left. I went with the "Beaver Nation" shirt I wore to the USC game over the other OSU shirt I was wearing all day, and it worked.

So yeah. I'm not trying to brag or anything....

All your postgame thoughts can go in the thread below.

More in a few minutes, after I get something to eat.