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Question: What kind of Bear is best?

False. Black bear.

So in case you guys didn't know, we have a pretty big game coming up against Cal, who apparently is UCLA's twin brother that got separated at birth: both are UC schools, both have nicknames referring to bears, they share the same fight song, thecolor schemes are similar, the academics similar. They basically are each other. One is better at football than the other, currently, and I'll let you guess which one it is. But needless to say, Cal is coming up to Corvallis looking for vengance. Last year when we played, the Golden Blogs Bears were #2 , and #1 LSU had lost earlier in the day. The Bears were ready to take that step forward into the #1 spot. Chants could be heard from the student section "WE'RE NUMBER 1!" the minute the LSU score was announced. But a couple of key plays helped shaped what was, the great words of Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, the greatest upset in Oregon State history of the year. This play started the greatness for Oregon State. Note: Look how happy Kevin Riley looks at the beginning:

After that goaline stand, Oregon State was looking pretty solid. Until Mike Riley's son Kevin decided to take over the game and drive Cal right down the field. Then he decided to make the biggest mistake of his young career. With Cal trailing 28-31, he marched the Bears all the way to the Oregon State 12 yard line. With 14 seconds left (and no timeouts) the Bears had one last chance to try to get to the end zone. Let's watch :-D

What a game right?! Even Sean Canfield had his best game of his miserable year, going 18-33, 186 yards and NO touchdowns INTERCEPTIONS. The Cal game was the turn around game for us last year, and this year we need the win more than ever. The stakes are as high as they've ever been for a lot of Beaver fans, and the game should be a good one. So, all that being said, I ask you fans of Building the Dam!