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BtD Collaborative Power Poll, Week 11

It's time to unveil the results of week two of collaborative power poll voting. If you're not a registered voter yet and you'd like to be, shoot me an e-mail.

Now, this week's poll:

Team Points
1 USC 69 (6)
2 Oregon State 64 (1)
3 Cal 54
4 Arizona 51
5 Oregon 41
6 Stanford 35
7 Arizona State 29
8 UCLA 21
9 Washington 13
10 Washington State 8

This week's games: Oregon State/Cal, Washington State/Arizona State, Arizona/Oregon, USC/Stanford, Washington/UCLA.

Voters: The comment thread is all yours to post your ballots if you wish, defend your selections, and debrief the final publication. Non-voters: Complain/agree at your own risk.