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Pac-10 Wrap Up, Week 5

Well thanks to us, the Pac 10 ends the regular season with a 1-6 record against the MWC. I don't think there was anything too surprising this week, except maybe USC laying the wood to UO (come on guys, we all thought SC would win, but not one of you predicted it to be by 34 points, even you CV3000)

Oregon State 28-31 Utah

My Prediction: OSU 27-14 Utah

Well, I think this game has been talked about enough, so I'll just leave it at that. Go Beavs.

Notre Dame 28-21 Stanford

My Prediction: Notre Dame 33-28 Stanford

I guess nothing too surprising here except how flat Stanford came out to start the game. The 'Furds rush defense wasn't bad, holding them to 3.1 YPC, but their pass defense was AWFUL. Clausen threw for 347 yards, 3 TDs and zero interceptions. He absolutely tore apart the Stanford secondary. The offense didn't fare much better, turning the ball over 4 times. It looks like my predictions about Stanford to start the season were incredibly wrong.

Cal 24-14 ASU

My prediction: Cal 45-35 ASU

So this wasn't quite the shootout that most thought it was going to be, but Cal pretty much dominated this game. ASU didn't get anything going and Cal looked decent in the first half, not so much in the 2nd half. Not much else to say about this game, it was kind of a boring game.

Arizona 48-14 Washington

My Prediction: Arizona 45-13 Washington

I don't know how much closer I could have gotten with the prediction but I think it's what we all expected. I still don't think UA is that good, it was more of UW being that bad. Hopefully we find out what UA is all about soon. They still have yet to play anyone of worth and they have 1 loss on their record.

USC 44-10 Oregon

My Prediction: USC 30-17 Oregon

Sorry Duck fans. This is not going to be a very good review. Say what you will about Penn State, Stanford, or even Utah- but the Ducks looked awful. 60 yards rushing on 39 carries isn't very good for a team with one of the nations leading rushing offenses. LeGarrette Blount finished with 0 yards rushing. 0. USC looked like they were pissed off and playing for vengeance. They tore it up offensively, defensively, on special teams, coaching, and everything in between. The bright side for UO: forced 2 turnovers against a very good offense and it took USC nearly 40 carries to get to 155 yards rushing. I'm not going to sit here and bash the Ducks, because I know what will be said in the comments, but I'm just going to say they didn't look very good at all. I really thought they'd be more competitive.


My Prediction: UCLA 24-10 WSU

More of the same for WSU, making a below average UCLA team look somewhat decent. Sad year for the Washington schools.