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Pac-10 Football Midterm


We're close to half way through the Pac-10 season, which means it's time to test the knowledge you've attained so far. No fair peeking!!


1. Now that Tyrone Willingham has been fired, what should he do with his newfound job security through the end of the season?

  1.  Coach an entire game with a Magic 8 Ball
  2.  Dress like a purple Zorro on the sideline and blitz all 11 defenders on every down
  3.  tell the NCAA where the Don James Era buried the bodies
  4.  start a really big March Madness pool

2. Washington State's season was over when...

  1.  they lost 8 scholarships in the off-season due to various misconduct
  2.  they hired a coach who closely resembles the Incredible Hulk--only he's not green
  3.  two quarterbacks broke their backs against Portland State
  4.  Sean Canfield shot a silver bullet into their crimson hearts
3. After UCLA was blanked 59-0 at BYU and Oregon State somehow lost on the road in Salt Lake City after a series of plays that also included an unusual pass interference call, what did we learn about Utah as a state?
  1.  Utah boasts two quality football programs
  2.  It appears there may be an advantage to playing at altitude
  3.  Kyle Whittingham and Bronco Mendenhall are poised to coach their teams into the BCS
  4.  Anything can happen when cousins marry
4. In Dynamics 212, we learned that the best way to defeat USC's best defense in the nation is with?
  1.   6'-2", 229 lb JC transfer RB with zero rushing yards
  2. a wishbone offense incapable of forward passing
  3. QB with senior leadership chucking it all around the yard
  4.  5'-6", 195 lb true freshman RB and a balanced passing attack

5. What has been the highlight of Arizona State's season so far?

  1.  Listening to Georgia fans complain about not being able to drink hard alcohol in their parking lots
  2.  Not being on television last weekend against oregon in the Irrelevant Teams Bowl
  3.  Limiting Rudy Carpenter's injuries to "just" a broken ankle
  4.  All-maroon outfits!


6. Which duck uniform is the "coolest" this year?

  1.  rumors of zip-up leotards
  2.  the peeled banana look at ASU
  3.  tire tracks they got on their knees and shoulders from their Boise State beatdown
  4.  the totally space-age LCD flat screen of LaGarette Blount's rushing stats that he was wearing on his helmet during the USC game

7. Arizona is likely to have its first winning season in 8 years and are coming up with a new commemorative slogan. Is it...

  1.  We win half as often as leap year
  2.  Our Stoops would just be an angry white guy with a visor if it wasn't for nepotism
  3.  Perhaps you've heard that we also have a football team
  4.  We beat oregon so easily every year that most people mistake it for the ducks' bowl game performances

8. Following oregon's epic display of impotism against USC, which ACTUAL post game quote from Jeremiah Masoli is most delusional and insulting to one's intelligence?

  1. "We feel like we're the better team."
  2.  "Tonight they played better than us, and the score indicated that. But I still feel like we're the better team, we just gave that one away."
  3. "We just made some mistakes that we usually don't.  I feel like our football team is better all-around, but they played better tonight, so they got the 'W'.''
  4. The only surprising thing is that it wasn't Bellotti saying them.

9. Ancient History 411 taught us that the football program at the University of Washington was?

  1.  A respectable football program that competed for conference titles
  2.  Just another cupcake opponent for Notre Dame
  3.  The best place to find a car loan, illegal drugs and guns.
  4.  Both #1 and #3

10. Which team is most deserving of being sponsored by Choke-a-Cola?

  1.  ASU: losing 5 straight
  2.  Cal: 3 total wins in the past 3 Novembers
  3.  Oregon: 5 total wins in the past 4 Novembers.
  4.  the State of Washington
  5.  All of the above

11. The Apple Cup's sponsorship is being withdrawn by disgruntled apple growers. Now it will be called:

  1.  "Boise State's Superbowl"
  2.  practice
  3.  The Special Olympics
  4.  2 girls, 1 Apple cup
If you're curious to find out what you got on the test, click on this link.

Big time tip of the hat to Rock M Nation.