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Oregon State 28-26 Utah

Is what the score SHOULD have been. But I'm not going to sit here and point fingers at the ref. The ref did not throw us in prevent D. The ref did not fumble the ball away. The ref did not stop us from running the ball. The refs did not not open holes for Quizz when we did run the ball. This one stings A LOT. A las, we should be 4-1 and top 15, but we're 2-3 with a solid win against SC. And think about this: if we don't play the game of our lives against SC we're looking at 1-4 and 0-2 heading into the Pac 10 schedule, with the Emerald Bowl probably our best bet at a bowl game. However, we do need to keep our heads up. IF we can somehow manage to win out, then we will be Pac 10 champs. 1 more loss and we could be looking at a Holiday Bowl. Our season is not over yet guys. But I ask, who's to blame here? Please vote and leave some comments so we can get some good discussion.