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Is there enough ball to go around?

Okay, pardon the title. Roll with me for a minute:

More than any year in recent history, Oregon State seems to be stacked with weapons on offense. There's Jacquizz, there's James, they's Lyle, and a lot more.

So, examine the following chart, and tell me: Are we seizing up everyone's potential? I'm sure the answer to that question is no. Who is being underused? Who deserves to get the ball more? Or, if you will; who needs "more ball?"


Take a look:

Player Stat of Reference
Jacquizz Rodgers 116 rushing YPG, 25 receiving YPG
James Rodgers 34 rushing YPG, 48 receiving YPG
Ryan McCants 31 rushing YPG
Lyle Moevao 254 passing YPG
Shane Morales 71.9 receiving YPG
Sammie Stroughter 70.9 receiving YPG
Darrell Catchings 13 receiving YPG
Brady Camp 8 receiving YPG
John Reese 7 receiving YPG

One thing that struck me was the tight ends- remember the days of Joe Newton? Remember the days when it was a big deal that we didn't have a guy who come come off the line and actually catch passes? Now it seems like the tight ends are a small part of how we gain yards, but a big part of the overall picture (blocking, etc.) That's interesting to me.

What are your reactions? 

To me, it seems like nobody is being underused (although my head is saying "Just give the ball to Quizz"), but it seems like there are a lot of players who aren't putting up the kind of numbers they're capable of, simply because there are many guys who can get it done.

Your thoughts welcome and encouraged, as always, in the thread below.