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Pac 10 Review

USC 69-0 WSU

Prediction: USC 66-0 WSU

Couldn't really ask for a closer prediction except for a perfect one. This game really was decided after the first quarter. It also had to be embarrassing for Washington State to have USC run the clock out with timeouts and inside the WSU 10 with 30 seconds left in the half. I feel that Washington State has long since given up on their season. As soon as they are down by 21, they give up. What's interesting is that they finished 7th in the Pac 10 last year, but a couple injuries have destroyed them completely.

Stanford 20-23 UCLA

Prediction: Stanford 23-17 UCLA

From what I heard it was a sloppy game with not much else excitement until the final 10 seconds when UCLA scored a TD to win. Surprising that a surging Stanford lost to a plummeting UCLA, but just goes to show how bad the Pac is on the road this year (note to us Beaver fans: we have UCLA and UA on the road... EEK). Don't know really what to make of it, but I still think Stanford is in the top half of the Pac.

Oregon State 34-13 Washington

Prediction: OSU 53-17 UW

Ok, so maybe I let the hate for the Huskies get the better of me in my prediction. But the point remained the same: we dominated. It wasn't the best offensive performance we've ever had, but defensively we were STOUT. Take away that one touchdown run and a couple lucky toss up catches (seriously, it looked like Ronnie Fouch was playing 500 with the DBs and WRs), and this game could have been way worse for the Dawgs. We get a bye this week followed by ASU, so hopefully we'll be 5-3 heading to Pasadena for the showdown with the Bruins.

Cal 27-42 UA

Prediction: Cal 27-14 UA

I got Cal's score right. Just didn't anticipate the 2nd half showing of the Wildcats. Stoops finally coached his team up after the break, brilliant! I still say UA isn't good, and a meltdown is imminate. But for now, they look dangerous and could shake things up in the Pac. The biggest question remains: what did happen in the 2nd half to Cal's defense?!

So all in all a pretty regular weekend in the Pac 10. Better road teams lost, except for those playing the Washington schools. Next week should be more fun, and I think this will be the first weekend all year that all four games matter. UCLA @ Cal, USC @ Arizona, Oregon @ASU, and Notre Dame @UW. Maybe the Husky/Irish game doesn't matter, but it'll be interesting to see Ty vs the school that hates him sooooo much (I meant Notre Dame, not UW).