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Pac-10 Preview, Week 8

Only really one game to watch for this weekend as Cal travels to UA to take on the mighty Wildcats, who still have done nothing all year. ASU and Oregon have the weekend off to try and repair some damage done in the last couple of weeks.

#6 USC @ Washington State

Will be over by the end of the 1st quarter. This game has the potential to...oh wait, no it doesn't. Well, I guess something to watch for is, well, no, I guess there's nothing to watch for. Don't know what else to say about it. WSU is pulling a UO and is down to their 12th string QB and rumor has it their backup punter could play a role at QB in the game. Of course, if you talked to some Duck fans, Lyle Moevao is no better than a backup punter and he still beat the Trojans. If there is one thing to pay attention to, is will this be the 4th Pac 10 team to hang 60 on the Cougs? I think so.. USC 66-0 WSU

Stanford @ UCLA

Conventional wisdom says that the team that beat Arizona who beat UCLA should beat UCLA when they play, right? Well yeah, that's exactly what will happen. Of course, Stanford hasn't been great on the road either. But don't expect any hiccups here. The Cardinal are motivated about getting to a bowl game, and the Bruins are just looking forward to basketball season. Stanford 23-17 UCLA

#25 Cal @ Arizona

Intriguing matchup, especially being in Tucson. Northern Mexico University is coming into this game not really sure how good or bad they are. Talented? Absolutley. But so are the Ducks. Los Gatos Salvajes need to win this if they want to have a solid shot as a good bowl game, because their schedule does not get any easier. For Cal, I still don't think the BCS is out of the picture, so this will be a good test to see if they are ready. They too have a tough schedule remaining with Oregon at home and trips to Corvallis and South Central left. Cal 27-14 Arizona

Oregon State @ Washington

Well here it is folks. The game we had circled when the schedule came out a few months ago... OK, so maybe it wasn't. But it is a northwest rivalry game and the Beavs and Huskies have some tension between them that could make for a chippy game. Ultimately, the chippiness will lead to their QB getting manhandled by Al Afalava and Ty Willingham looking in the classifieds. Beavs dominate. OSU 53-17 UW