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Guilty or Not Guilty? Beavers throw up house of bricks- dominate Wulff

You be the judge. Did Oregon State "pour it on" down the stretch? Was the Canfield passing touchdown unjustifiable?

Washington State head coach Paul Wulff declined to comment when asked about Oregon State's late 39-yard passing touchdown, but he did say this:

"It was very frustrating, The kids are trying. The players are trying."

He was also very short with OSU head coach Mike Riley after the game. Also, many members of his coaching staff simply stared across the field in disbelief after Oregon State's final touchdown.

Then, Washington State linebacker Romeo Pellum said this:

"It really shows that Oregon State has no class, in my opinion. In that big of a win, usually teams run the ball and obviously Coach Riley showed that he doesn't have any class. That's just a thought we need to remember for the next time we play Oregon State."

However, Mike Riley and the Beavers felt that had reasons to justify throwing for the end zone with eight minutes left in the game.

"It was second-and-12 and we called a pass play," Riley said. "When we get into those situations, whether we're ahead or behind, I don't think about it too much, except I try to play all of our players. But I'm going to let them play. Sean hasn't thrown a pass in a game for a year; I got a chance (to have him) do that today. I don't feel too badly about that."

Oregon State dominated the stat sheet. The Beavers had 26 first downs to WSU's 8. The Beavers had 548 total yards, compared to Washington State's 132.

Slade Norris had this to add:

"We're proud of the way we have played the last four games. We're just going to keep on winning. We're rolling right now. We feel very confident."

So, Beaver Nation, what's the call?