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Pac-10 Preview, Week 6

Only four games on the lot this weekend, but a lot is at stake for a couple teams.

ASU @ #8 USC

ASU is struggling right now, and they appear to be on their way to a possibly losing 5 in a row. I don't know if most people realistically predicted ASU to win the Pac 10, but I think that most figured they'd be more competitive than they have. USC looked every bit the team we thought they were against Oregon last weekend, and will probably look to do more of the same. ASU is still a year away before blossoming into a major threat in the conference. USC 42-14 ASU

Arizona @ Stanford

This game may not look like much due to the recent history of both teams, but it's probably the most intriguing match up of the year. Arizona has looked good so far, but Stanford will probably be the toughest team they have played so far. Stanford looked good, then they didn't, but they are starting to surge. Unfortunately for the Cardinal, Arizona is the Texas Tech of the Pac 10, and Stanford's pass defense is one of the worst in the conference. Arizona 38-21 Stanford

Washington State @ Oregon State

While I think we are going to throttle the Cougs, I don't think it will be by the 30 point spread that Vegas has. We are going to run, run, run the ball. Expect Quizz to have 150+ yards rushing and Ryan McCants and Jeremy Francis should get some quality playing time. Our defense is starting to gell, and played very well against a decent Utah team (ugh, I can't believe that one got away...). I wouldn't expect WSU to be able to do much offensively, but Paul Wulff said it best- if WSU somehow manages to keep it close, then anything is possible, but I hope the game is over by the end of the 1st. Oregon State 42-14 Washington State

UCLA @ Oregon

Here's another intriguing game. I do think Oregon will win, and win big. But the team and it's fans are down after the embarrassment to USC last week, and that can sometimes drag a team down. This will be a good indicator of where the rest of the year for the Ducks will go. Rumor has it there will be quite a few recruits at the game so Oregon would be well off to win big and get the fans into the game and get the season back on track. And please tell me they aren't actually going to wear unitards.. Oregon 33-10 UCLA.

As you can tell by the predictions, I don't think there will be a single close game this weekend. But as we all know, games aren't won on paper or at Building the Dam. Anything can happen. Best of luck to all your teams (except UO, GO BRUINS :-D)

As an added bonus, I'm going to include this poll and I ask fans of all teams to answer and comment.