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Pac 10 Preview, Week 5

Hey guys! Sorry I missed last weeks preview and wrap up, but with classes starting this week everything has been a little hectic and I have just started to "recover" from the USC game and the last weekend of summer.. Anyways, we start to get into the meat of the Pac 10 schedule, with only 2 non-conference games this week. Should be a fun one. I'll start with the Beavs.

Oregon State @ #15 Utah

Well, the Beavs defense finally stepped up, and Quizz showed why he has been the most hyped recruit coming to OSU since Sean Canfield (and he's already had a better career...) The Utes are undefeated but they haven't really beaten anybody that great yet. Michigan beating Wisconsin helps their cause, but Michigan losing to Notre Dame doesn't. I digress.. This will be a good preview to how well the Beavs can stop a dual threat QB and a chance for the Pac 10 to gain some respect against the MWC on Nat'l TV (it's disgusting how the Pac 10 needs to gain respect, not the other way around...) I think the SC game was the turn around point for this team, and I'm just hoping for no hangover.   Oregon State 27-14 Utah

Stanford @ Notre Dame

2 weeks ago I would have this was going to be a Stanford blowout. But Notre Dame has looked decent recently (gross) and Stanford, well, hasn't. Should be a good game, and I believe this is a semi-rival game? I think the home team wins this game this year, and so therefore it goes to Notre Dame 33-28 Stanford

ASU @ Cal

What a matchup this could have been. IF Cal doesn't lose to Maryland and IF  ASU doesn't lose to UNLV. But they did. And so here we are with the shoot out of the week. Hard to call this one, but I still think ASU is a wee bit over rated and I think the Bears are still the 2nd best team in the Pac 10. I want to give a shout out to my homies over at CGB and TwistNHook and say Cal 45-35 ASU

Washington @ Arizona

Let's play a game called What Team Is This: No pass defense, no defense at all, a coach that is on the hot seat, and a team that should be better. Can't figure it out? Here's the final hint: We just lost our All-World QB for 6 weeks. This game will be over by halftime. Arizona 45-13 Washington

#23 Oregon @ #9 USC

How Oregon is still in the top 25 is beyond me, but whatever. I guess you can't drop spots for winning, no matter who it is (right Georgia???) But I think the Ducks are running into a buzz saw here. It was always going to be hard to go to the land of Troy and come out with a win, but a pissed off Pete Carroll and Co with (slim) hopes of still getting to the Nat'l Championship is not a team I would want to play. I think Oregon keeps it close by half time, but then USC starts to pull away. BTW, what QB is starting against the Quackers? USC 30-17 Oregon

Washington State @ UCLA

UCLA is SO lucky that the Washington schools are about as good as the Oregon schools pre-1990s, so that they can get their 2 Pac 10 wins this year. This game is going to be sloppy and hard to watch (think UO @ UCLA last year, Roper's first game). Will anyone even be at the Rose Bowl? UCLA 24-10 WSU

Anyways, a solid couple games to watch (ASU-Cal, Oregon @ USC and OSU @ Utah) though I highly doubt anyone east of Utah and Arizona will care. Have a good weekend and good luck to all your teams (except one of you)