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Final AP Poll Seems a Bit Off

Associated Press Pollsters, tell me this:

What DO you base your final Top 25 off of? Because according to the bottom of this year's AP Top 25, you didn't rank the teams based on their performances on the field.

The Ducks lost three of their last four games. The Beavers won seven of their last eight. The Beavers beat the Ducks when they won head to head. And yet, the Ducks pick up 143 more votes than the Beavers in the final poll.

Now, in the overall scheme of things, Associated Press Polls don't mean much. It's the performance on the field that matters. And we performed on the field. That's what irks me.

The USA Today Poll also ranks Oregon higher than Oregon State. Oregon State isn't even in the Top 25. The Beavs come in at #26.

Are we judging teams based on their entire season? Or how they finished the year? Becasue the USC team that came in second in the AP Poll has crescendoed throughout the months of November and December. Oregon has decrescendoed, except for their Sun Bowl win. USC has overcome two October losses to finish as one of the hottest teams in the country.

My point is, the AP Poll seems to be ranking USC on the end of their season, and Oregon on the beginning and middle of their season.

I don't see the consistency. Just like Matthew McConaughey taught us in We are Marshall, It's all about winning:

If you think I'm way off base with this, write your response in the thread below.