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Morning Radar, 1/9/07

On the Oregon State front.... QB Sean Canfield had shoulder surjury, seven grayshirts have been enrolled, and Greg Oden's brother might be choosing Oregon State. He plays football, not basketball. Don't get that excited.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has his BCS Championship game Senryu up. It's short, sweet, and worth the click. While you're there, check out the rest of the blog. SMQ has been nominated as "Best Sports Blog" by Performancing.

Five Missouri players, including Chase Daniel, will return for their senior seasons. So will Cal's Alex Mack, Washington State's Bradon Gibson, and it looks like three big names are leaving Michigan.

After failing to keep June Jones at Hawaii, Athletic Director Herman Frazier was fired on Tuesday. Let the coaching search begin for Hawaii, and lets hope it doesn't involve someone currently on the Oregon State sidelines.

Wondering why Arizona head coach Lute Olsesn isn't coaching? Here is the reason.