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Morning Radar, 1/7/07

After a two week holiday hiatus, the Morning Radar resumes this week for a daily tour around the blogosphere.

Oregon's Men Basketball team beat #21 Arizona on Saturday, but lost to Arizona State (a very good, up-and-coming team) on Thursday. After the loss, here's what Dave from Addicted to Quack (say that ten times fast) had to say:

So, we lost the Pac-10 opener to Arizona State. I wasn't able to see or listen to the game (not on TV, and Duck basketball radio broadcasts are unlistenable), so you write the recap. I just can't fathom how a team with Bryce Taylor, Malik Hairston, Maarty Leunen, and Tajuan Porter is so bad. All that talent is being wasted. I'm tired of this team not being ready to play at the beginning of games. I'm tired of them not buckling down on the defensive end. Its one thing to play hard and lose--no shame in that. But, although I didn't see this game, this team was dogging it in the Nebraska and Oakland games. And until they decide that they really want to play basketball, they are going to lose a lot more games.

Thank God that you can win the conference tournament and still go to the NCAAs. At this point, that may be our only chance. I mean, this is a conference game against Arizona State. You don't get that back. Are they going to fight and turn it around? They have all the talent they need, but they need to get over the mental humps that are plaguing this team right now.

Puh-lease... You're lucky you're not an Oregon State fan...

Kevin Love is really, really good.... in more ways than one:

Rick Neuheisel and UCLA may be in the process of landing a 5-star quarterback, who is considering transferring from Michigan. Just another sign of how coaching moves (Dennis Erickson to ASU, Neuheisel to UCLA) are making the conference a much tougher football conference.

As you may know, the BCS National Championship Game is tonight. Jim Tressel's bunch got rocked last year by Florida in the championship game, and he hasn't forgotten that. Tressel had his video production staff put together a 10 minute video, basically trashing the Buckeyes. He then made all his players watch it. Here is a short portion of the film, called "Take Home Talk", that was intended to motivate Ohio State for tonight's game.

Watch this as if you were in an Ohio State players' shoes: