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Was it the right move?

Today is an off day for the Beavers as they prepare to play the Ducks on Saturday. Oregon has a ten game losing streak dating back to before Christmas, and hasn't won at Mac Court in their last fourteen tries.

Let's take a look at some poll results from after C.J. Giles' dismissal. More than just the numbers, I'm interested in hearing what Beaver Nation thought about C.J., and whether Coach Mouton made the right move in booting him on his first day on the job.

Here are the poll results:

Now, I never saw C.J. play at practice or in person, so it's hard for me to take a side here. On one hand, it seems like Jay John and C.J. didn't see eye to eye. But it appears that C.J. didn't exactly see eye to eye with the assistants, either. Part of me was thinking that maybe the coaching change would motivate C.J. and help him turn his game around, but he never got the opportunity, which might not have been fair. But then, you have to factor in the missed practice, discipline issues, foul outs, and simple mistakes like running to the wrong bench. It's hard to find a common ground in all of this.

So, Beaver Nation, what do you think? You might have already voted in the poll, but I challenge you to share your ideas and backup your choice.

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