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Live Blog Tonight: OSU vs. UA

Join me tonight as we root on the Beavers in their first Pac-10 game while trying to resist flipping channels to the FedEx Orange Bowl. Hopefully the Beavers are watchable, but the way the B.C.S. Bowls are going, the game between Virginia Tech and Kansas could very easily be a blowout. The FSN telecast starts at 5:30, and the Orange Bowl begins at 5:00 on Fox.

If you really want, you can send yourself a reminder at your e-mail address 3 hours, 1 hour, or 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of 5:00. Sending a reminder one day early really isn't going to work at this point, so I would go for one of the three options above. That is, if you really want to visit the live blog tonight for what could be a Beaver beatdown.

Feel free to RSVP in the comment thread below, or simply leave your comments on the game. Nothing better than talking about OSU Basketball.

See you at 5:00.