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Who's Hot, Who's Not: USC/UCLA Round 1

We've already established that the Beavers don't do well in the second half against better teams who don't up their ante until the second half. Now let's take a look at the individual shooting performances from the two games last week: USC and UCLA.

You'll notice that Lathen Wallace, who is getting more minutes under Mouton, was Oregon State's leading shooter last week. This kid has some potential, and expect to see some more out of him in the coming weeks. He tied his career record for points in the USC game, then topped it in the UCLA game.

At the other end of the spectrum sits Marcel Jones. As the team's only senior, we expected a lot out of Marcel this year. He was a top scorer last year alongside guys like Sasa Cuic and Wesley Washington, but this year, alongside guys like C.J. Giles (he's gone now) and Ricky Claitt, he's in a big slump. He may be angry because of the lack of success, but there wasn't much success last year either. It could be just a slump. However, something tells me that there are other issues that we are unaware about affecting his game. Who knows. Maybe you do.

You'll notice that only two platers shot better than 40%. Lathen Wallace being one, and Roeland Schaftenaar being the other. Schaftenaar only took six shots, so his numbers may be a bit skewed. He did have a decent performance against the Trojans, though.