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UCLA 85, Oregon State 62

Unfortunately, (fortunately?) I didn't get to watch very much of the game. However, the stories that I heard didn't sound out of the ordinary. Encouraging first half, encouraging second half, bad shooting, turnovers, missed free throws, and another loss. That's been the norm for OSU basketball this season.

Oregon State took a 4-0 lead right off the bat, causing UCLA to take a timeout about two minutes into the game. From there, UCLA went on a 12-2 run, fueled by Darren Collison and Josh Shipp. UCLA continued to build a lead until Oregon State surged back to tie the game with three and a half minutes left in the half. Oregon State found itself down by four points at the break against the #8 team in the nation. OSU's 39 points in the first half were the most the Bruins had given up in conference play.

UCLA erased all of Oregon State's hope in the second half when they opened with eight unanswered points. That was the beginning of a 17-1 run for UCLA. They never looked back from there.

Darren Collison poured in 33 points for UCLA. Kevin Love had 21 rebounds. Twenty-one rebounds!

For Oregon State, Lathen Wallace led all scores with 18. Seth Tarver had 16, and Calvin Haynes and Josh Tarver had eight. Josh and Sean Carter led the Beavers on the boards with five apice, but it was nothing compared to Love's board-fest. Check out this (mainly UCLA) highlight reel from Bruin Nation's "Grok451":

Next up for the Beavers is the Civil War... Oregon is also coming off a sweepage by the Los Angeles schools. If there is a team the Beavers are gonna beat, it may as well be the Ducks. That game will come to you Saturday from Mac Court in Eugene. It 'aint going to be easy.



Note: Alan or funk, were you at the game?