OSU coaching search

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We need to consider ex-Stanford coach Mike Montgomery

Look at this:

How this guy has fallen off the list of quality candidates I'm not sure.

 just finished reading the O's article by Mike Tokito -- see OSU coaching search -- which I thought covered the possible candidates well, although there was a name I feel should be on the 'short' list. Where is the name of ex-Stanford and GS Warriors coach Mike Montgomery? He is currently employed as a part-time assistant AD at Stanford, essentially in charge of fund raising -- at Stanford (probably not that challenging!). His NBA coaching career didn't work out as he had hoped, so I would believe he isn't interested in sitting behind a desk the rest of his career -- once a coach, always a coach -- it never really leaves you.

Montgomery brought a program (Stanford) out of the doldrums (sound familiar), helped raise $$$ for a new arena, has Pac-10 experience and knows how to recruit!

I believe the AD knows it's going to take to a name and reputation like his to resurrect the Men's Basketball program -- to at least some level of respectability. If Oregon State is truly committed and serious about reviving the program, Mike Montgomery is the type of coach needed to get the program back on it's feet. At a minimum OSU should  contact him and see if he'd be willing to listen regarding the opportunity!

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