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Recap: Washington 83, Oregon State 74

Now that Jay John is out the door, this post is much more easier to write.

Jay John ended his Oregon State career with a game full of bright spots, but came out with his sixth straight conference loss this season.

You can argue whether the players quit playing for Jay or whether we just don't have the talent, but the Beavers showed signs of life in the nine point loss. The game was really much closer than that. Take a look at the game flow to get an idea of how close the Beavers were to pulling off a win.

Here's a look at the boxscore:

When it comes down to it, this game is history. It's in the past. We have a new head coach now, and it's time to rally around him. We need to treat the remaining twelve games like a separate season, and win as many games as possible. Now, it's going to be tough just to get one, but if these players will give Coach Mouton all they've got, good things just might happen.