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Mouton's the Man

Interim head coach Kevin Mouton will embark on his first practice as head coach in just under a half hour. OSU will conduct a nation wide search for the next head coach, but athletic director Bob De Carolis did not rule out the possibility of Mouton taking over the reigns of the team at the end of the season.

Kevin Mouton has spent sixteen years as a college head coach, holding positions at the Colorado School of Mines, Butler, Eastern Illinois,New Hampshire, St. Mary's and Nebraska. He came to Oregon State in 2002, and has been an assistant coach ever since. He was promoted to associate head coach this summer, and he works with the guards.

Mouton played a year at the University of Oregon, transfered to Jamestown where he played a year there, then played his final two years at the University of San Francisco where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in sociology.

It's interesting to note that when Jay John missed a game due to illness in the 04-05 season, Mouton stepped up and coached the Beavers to a 22 point victory over Oregon State.

The Jay John era is over, and the Kevin Mouton era begins Thursday when the Beavers play USC. It's hard to tell how long this chapter will last, but all we can hope for is a strong finish to the season.