Gymnastics > Basketball?

Thought it was time someone besides Jake did some work around here.

Just to put in perspective where men's basketball team is in the eyes of the fans.  I went to the Women's Gymnastics meet last night against Washington (my girlfriend made me, I swear).  Actually turned out to be pretty fun.  They dominated the Huskies, which was nice.  Anyways, there had to have been at least as many fans there last night as there have been at the last few home basketball games.  Couldn't find an actual attendance number on the OSU website, but Gill was pretty full all the the way up to the bleachers, which is to say about half full.

I guess my point is that the basketball team sucks and everybody knows it.  Earth shattering, I know.  I just thought it was a pretty telling observation.  I guess it also means the gymnastics team is pretty good, too.  Plus, the girls are a little bit nicer to look at than C.J. Giles & Co.

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