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Washington State 69, Oregon State 46

The game wasn't televised, so not many people in Beaver Nation got to watch Oregon State lose their seventh straight game, a streak that started before Christmas at LSU. But quite frankly, do many people care anymore?

Do the players even care?

However, The Oregonian's Paul Buker was at the game. And so was John Canzano.

Canzano had full access to Oregon State's locker room, and took advantage.

In his column this morning, John (Canzano) rips into the Beavers and head coach (Jay) John, and illustrates that the players are even jumping off board.

He reported that, after the game, Jay when around the room and shook every players hand. When he got to Kansas transfer C.J. Giles, C.J. just looked away.

Does that tell you anything?

The Players are ready for a change. So are the fans.

The way I see it, we're headed for an 0-18 Pac-10 record unless we make a change. The players just aren't motivated anymore.

Bobby D, lets make a move before the players (and recruits) jump ship.

Again, here's Canzano's column.

Some stats: