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Tuesday Basketball Roundup

I think the Washington Husky daily newspaper said it best in their power rankings:

Not a whole lot to say about the Beavers that hasn't already been said. They're just really, really bad.

There's not a whole lot to say about this team right now. It's true. We could grumble about how bad our team stats are, look up RPI's, or sit around and argue for the departure of Jay John.

However, the players are seeing improvement. And Jay John is seeing improvement.

In fact, Jay has closed practices to the media all week, according to Paul Buker from the Oregonian. We'll see if that decision pays off on the Washington trip.

Remember, the Beavers play Washington State on Thursday, and Washington on Saturday. The Washington game is televised, the game from Pullman is not.

If you've got anything on your mind, say it. I'm having a hard time.