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If Pete Carroll wants out, Riley is on the short list.... least, according to CBS's Dennis Dodd.

Just in case Pete gets "happy feet" and wanders off to the NFL, Dennis has assembled a "short list" of guys who would be candidates to take over the USC job. The list includes names such as Lane Kiffin, Steve Sarkisian, Jeff Fisher, DeWayne Walker, and our very own Mike Riley.

Here's what Dodd has to say about Mike:

Mike Riley, Oregon State head coach: His name comes up for every opening west of the Rockies. Former USC offensive coordinator, NFL experience, architect of Oregon State's turnaround, 19 victories the past two seasons, undefeated in the postseason (4-0 in bowls). USC-types will remember he knocked off the Trojans in 2006. The Beavers shouldn't be this good but they are, thanks to Riley and Dennis Erickson.
Now remember, this is coming from the CBS Sports Desk, not USC's Sports Information desk. You may beg to differ, but I think it's a good thing when your head coach's name pops up in coaching searches, even though this isn't a coaching search. It means that your coach has built an enviable program, and other schools are interested in cashing in on the success. But then, it sucks when the coach actually leaves. Unless you don't like them. Which reminds me...

Has anyone seen Jay John's name pop up in coaching searches?

I meant at colleges, not high schools....