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California 69, Oregon State 59

At least, the effort was visible. And at least, fans could see the improvement. But at the end of the day, Oregon State still hadn't won a Pac-10 conference game.

It makes you wonder if Oregon State will be able to win a conference game.

Think about that... who do we have a chance to beat? The Ducks, maybe? Or Washington?

Is 0-18 a possibility?

By the way, Oregon State lost another game on Saturday night, to California. The Beavers attempted 71 shots-- that's nearly two a minute-- but only made 25-- thats about one every two minutes.

But that's nothing new. Oregon State is one of the worst shooting teams in the country. Keenesaw State shoots better than Oregon State. So does Towson. And McNeese State. And 326 other teams in the country.

But, like we were saying, there was some improvement. Scroll through the game flow below, and you'll notice the part of the game when everything was going good for Oregon State:

And since it's a tradition, here's the boxscore:

You'll see C.J. Giles had nine points and led the team in rebounds with seven. He played 29 minutes and only picked up three fouls, which is a step in the right direction for Mr. Giles.

You'll notice that Marcel Jones led the team with 12, and Seth Tarver had 11. It's good to see these two guys show signs of the end of their shooting woes.

Jay John and the OSU coaches need to work on improving the starting five. Saturday's starting lineup of Seth Tarver, Josh Tarver, C.J. Giles, Marcel Jones, and Omari Johnson has the potential to very good. All five of those guys can play, but why aren't they gelling together and producing more compelling performances?

To me, it seems like we're wasting a lot of talent. When you examine each player individually, you can tell that there's enough talent to win games at the Pac-10 level. But when you put all five together and mix in the other guys, why aren't we getting those wins?

Whose fault is it? The Players? Or the head coach? Tell me your thoughts in the thread below.