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Stanford 68, Oregon State 48

There's not much to say about this loss. The Beavers gave the Cardinal little competition, and it shows in the stats. Here's the game flow. You'll see Oregon State never takes the lead, and gets thrown under right at the start of the game:

Stanford was basically able to cruise to an easy victory. Here's Oregon State's box score. C.J.'s line? Seven points, four rebounds, five fouls. Are we going to see any improvement from C.J. any time soon?

If you look at the game stats below, you'll see that Stanford pretty much dominated the Beavers in all the major categories like shooting percentage. You'll notice the Beavers were 0-8 from three point range. The Beavers did actually win the turnover battle.

Well, after this one, all the Beavers can do is regroup and come out fighting tomorrow against Cal. Cal is 1-2 in conference play, coming off a loss to Oregon.

Any comments?