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Profilin': Stanford at Oregon State

Stanford, who beat Southern Cal and lost to UCLA last week, will freking tear you up inside. They return last year's super freshmen Robin and Brook Lopez, who are now sophomores. Although Brook had some acedemic problems (I think that's what it was) early in the season, he's back in his groove on the court, and has started three games.

Brook Lopez and Anthony Goods are the only Cardinal in double digits scoring wise, but a lot of players contribute. Brook averages 15.8 points a game, and Anthony averages 13. Behind them, Robin Lopez and Mitch Johnson average over nine points per game, and they both have the capability to break out for many more. Lawrence Hill, who was one of the Pac-10's best shooters last year, has been struggling with the rock. It's safe to say he's shooting at Oregon State standards, instead of Stanford standards. But keep an eye on him tonight.

If you thought Oregon State was a good rebounding team, you're right, we're alright. But Stanford is better. Brook and Robin both average over 6 boards per game. It's not that Stanford racks up a ton of rebounds, it's the fact that they actually get most of them. So in other words, they statistically get more rebounds than their opponents almost every game. If that makes sense. But they also get a lot of boards. Nevermind....

Brook (11) and Robin (42) Lopez. Stanford's 7-foot bruisers.

Stanford turns the ball over a lot, and doesn't shoot free throws very well. But either does Oregon State.

Tonight's X-Factor? Let's stick with Omari Johnson. He's showing some great signs of things to come. If only he didn't have that locker room altercation that kept him out of a bunch of non-conference games.


Update [2008-1-10 10:12:8 by Jake]: The table to the right should say "#23" for Stanford instead of #20. Hopefully that makes you feel a little better about tonights game...