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Four Horizon Planes to get New Paint Jobs

How sweet would it be to book a trip, get to the airport, and walk out to an orange and black plane?

But how much would it suck to walk on to a green and yellow plane?

Horizon Air announced last month that four 70-seat CRJ-700 airplanes will be repainted in the colors of public universities in Oregon and Washington: OSU, UO, UW, and WSU. Here is an artist's rendering of the jet tricked out in Oregon State colors:

The release from

The aircraft will be painted one at a time starting in late December in the following sequence: WSU, Oregon, OSU and Washington, reflecting the order in which agreements were reached for Horizon to use their trademarked logos and symbols. The painting will take about 10 days per aircraft. The date each freshly painted aircraft will be entered into service will be announced later, as soon as it's determined.

The four jets were already scheduled to be repainted. They recently returned to Horizon's fleet after flying under contract for nearly four years as Frontier JetExpress. Because of the timing, the new looks will involve no additional painting cost to Horizon.

Here's a look at all four planes: