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BTD Bowl Bash, 2008 Edition: Outback, Cotton, Capital One, Gator, Rose, Sugar

It's New Years Day, one of the biggest days for College Football all year long. Some great football will be played today, and with some competition atop the Bowl Bash leaderboard. Six bowls will be played today, two of them BCS bowls. Each of the four "Non BCS" bowls (Outback, Cotton, Capital One, Gator) will be worth two points, and the two BCS Bowls today (Rose, Sugar) will be worth 3. You'll see that reiterated in the table below, and in the list below the table.

Outback (Jan. 1): 2 points
Cotton (Jan. 1): 2 points
Gator (Jan. 1): 2 points
Capital One (Jan. 1): 2 points
Rose (Jan. 1): 3 points
Sugar (Jan. 1): 3 points
Fiesta (Jan. 2): 3 points
Orange (Jan. 3): 3 points
International (Jan. 5): 1 point
GMAC (Jan. 6): 1 point
BCS Championship (Jan. 7): 4 points

I promise, a scoreboard is coming today.